My Truths – Changing Tides

It’s strange how life makes a turnabout. How the weak become strong; and the strong shows signs of weakness…How nothing lasts forever. Neither happiness, nor perpetual sorrow…
Friendships start and end…Relationships strengthen and fail…and all the while, the sun never seizes to shine, nor the rain to fall…
It’s strange how, through time, we conquer! Unknowingly…Unintentionally…Unconventionally. But we do, eventually, stand atop our mountains, Victorious!!
It’s strange how…time affects all things yet never some… how time strengthens bonds yet weaken some.
It’s strange how… the things that once made us shudder and doubt, inflicts us no more, for now we stand strong and tall.
It’s strange how…Love grows beyond circumstance and situations and holds like the roots of an old oak tree to the ground…
Time stands still for no one…it’s movement is swift, silent, constant…The wheel is constantly turning. Life is constantly changing…. seeds will always be planted…but not all will withstand the test time!!

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