Catching up on Life Lately

Ever since we returned from our trip to Istanbul, it feels like we’ve once again been caught up in life’s snare – like our time away has done nothing but amplify the part we play in this rat race of life! Perhaps it’s Life’s way of reminding us that the life we lead is unnaturally fast paced and we need to slow down…perhaps it’s Life’s way to compensate for us having too much of a good time. Either way, these past few months has been a bit of a hurricane that’s making November feel like a breeze!

So what’s life like lately in our neck of the woods?

The Kids

The kids have started the final stretch of exams and assessments with just two more weeks left  before we can finally pack away the books until 2019. It’s been a long year and I’m just as ready as them to be done with it. There’s been some birthdays in between it all, but the celebrations have been toned down due to the current exam mood. I thinks it’s giving us a lot to look forward to this coming Summer vacation.

The Battle of the Bulge

Gosh! I’ve really struggled this year! I’ve been inconsistent, distracted and fallen off the wagon more times than I care to admit! As a result, even my fat jeans is an enemy at the moment. I wish there was an easy answer…that this was something I could easily overcome, but it remains a major struggle for me. I’ve slipped with my motivation and momentum, and the results speak for itself; but I’m embracing where I am at this current moment. It is what it is. I can only but rise and get moving in the right direction again.

The Blog

This has always been a place to offload my feelings and keep track of my memories and my thoughts; but, like a lot of other spheres in my life, this has been slacking majorly this year. My mind is constantly blazing with thoughts and ideas to share, but there’s never enough time in the day to put them into action and execute them. I feel like blogs across the board have lost their voice and authenticity that made us follow along in the first place; and it’s really made me assess the direction I want to go with things in the new year. Above all else, I always want my blog to be a true reflection of me.


I feel that if Life stands still for too long, we get too comfortable and complacent and we fail to grow in the places we need to. For this reason, I embrace the constant flow of life and all it’s offerings – whether it’s wild and roaring, or calm and soothing. This year has been a combination of wild torrents in some parts and graceful flow in others…but in every moment that I have been offered, good or bad, I have always chosen it as a means to improve myself and grow. By approaching life in this way, I know I am a winner in every situation.


I’m ready as ever to wind down and enjoy the end of year festive season. I’m ready to make some magical memories with my family…but I’m also weary to make too many plans for too far ahead. Our track record with Summer holidays has proven that it’s a bit presumptuous to put too much hope in to do lists. But whatever lies ahead of us, I am ready to embrace with open arms.


Thanks for reading!






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