My Truths- New Beginnings

With the birth of a new day, comes the chance to set things straight, a new beginning, a fresh perspective…
When we live consciously, our souls will never get any rest, twisting tortuously through the night, uneasy…unsettled…until we find the balance we need.
Sometimes, the course we try to follow becomes obscured. The goal remains the same, but the route needs to be altered. Sometimes the people we’re travelling with may need to be convinced. Some might be too small to understand, but life is a journey and the path may need to be changed along the way.
Sometimes, we may need to leave people behind. We just need to decide who our worthy companions really are. We all have choices to make; we just need to make time to consider what they are…
We can’t go back and change things, but we can choose a clearer route forward, a fresh start, a new beginning- The dawn of a new day….We need to seize our moments instead of wondering aimlessly and continuously, cutting ourselves by the same thorns. We have to take charge – stop waiting for tomorrow, when we have today. We CAN make a change!!!
All of us have a story, a journey of how we’ve reached here. Journeys that are very different from each other but evoke the same kind emotion. We have all stumbled and conquered and move forward still. Some of us might still be fighting battles and demons…learning and growing. While some sit with the knowingness and wisdom we have still yet to reach. We are different, yet the same and below is an excerpt from something I wrote a while back and I thought it would be nice to share as a tribute to all those who have overcome obstacles, and give hope to those still fighting theirs….
“As I grow it seems I write less, the pain of my wounds no longer overbearing to me….I am happier, stronger, content…but not devoid of how I’ve come to get here.  Wounds of the heart it seems , are very difficult to heal…But my tears it seems, no longer fall like streams down my cheeks, and my heart no longer pounds like an open wound. My fears and sorrows no longer harass me in my solitude and my heart beats with the seeds of a rekindled joy.
The scars remain…as reminders…as a remembrance of a time fought and conquered…Faint, often forgotten, but there nonetheless. Time they say, heals all wounds…but sometimes the scars remain….even on the heart”

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