My Truth…Lessons Learnt

True fulfilment comes from following your own dream and not always being a vessel to achieve someone else’s. Sometimes, the shore we’re trying to reach may be the same, but our means of getting there will be different!
True happiness comes from cherishing the moments we are given and not by chasing the moments that have not yet been destined to reach us.
True friendship can only prosper when we accept an individual for who they are and not in how they can be altered to fit into our lives, for it’s in their diversity that lays their treasure.
True strength comes, when you move to the beat of your own drum.  It took a while for me to get here, but I feel like I’ve finally arrived!  The following quote echoes my sentiment:
“I walk slowly but I never walk backward”- Abraham Lincoln
So often in life, we get lost in a maze of tangled lives that we forget our own purpose, and though our stories may overlap, our endings can never be the same. Our dreams, desires, and wishes though similar in their sincerity can never be likened to one another. It’s time now I stand up and live my vision!





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