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Today I turn 37. 37!! THIRTY…SEVEN!!! That’s almost four decades worth of memories. Four decades worth of treasured moments to reminisce over and remember. Though it’s usually customary for the birthday person to be on the receiving end of the gifts, today I am excited to be giving away something that I personally value tremendously; and that to one my valued readers!

 When we partnered with 2Cherries Photography for this giveaway, we knew that the winning story would have to stand out and be BIG ! What we didn’t bargain for though, was the emotional roller coaster we would be sent on when reading the entries. Gosh, you guys made making a final decision excruciatingly hard!
Creating and preserving memories is so important to all of us, that to us, everyone seemed as deserving as the next to win, each story as important as the other. All of your memories worth preserving. It seemed so unfair to have to choose!
In the end, there was one defining story that stood out amongst the rest and it was a unanimous decision that it was the winning entry …but we were still too and fro regarding a few others that had equally touched our hearts, stories we found hard to turn our backs on. The 2Cherries made the final decision, the selfless decision, a decision that ultimately only gives way to show their bulging and generous hearts and how passionate they are about capturing precious moments; and in a complete twist of events, the decision was made to offer their time and skill to a second and a third prize winner as well!!!!
A colossal THANK YOU to all who entered, and also to everyone who takes the time and effort to stop by my blog and read and offer me support!

1st  PRIZE :- Winning the 2 hour photo shoot to the value of R2000 and a feature of her story on the blog is


2nd  PRIZE :-  Winning a mini 1 hour shoot with her growing family is


3rd  PRIZE :-  Also winning a mini 30/45 minute photo shoot  with her sister is


To set a date for your shoot, please contact Audrey or Benita on 079 296 2977  or Email them 2cherriesphotography@gmail.com
A big congratulations to the WINNERS!
Thanks to everyone for their contribution!

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