A Typical Mom On The Go OOTD for Autumn & Winter

Hear, hear – My favourite season of the year has arrived; and this year it actually looks and feels like a proper Winter! Also the most forgiving season of  the year as it means that we can get away with hiding behind clever layering…or even better, staying in pyjamas if the day calls for nothing to do. But let’s also be truthful for a minute here – sometimes we sneakily drop the kids to school in our pyjamas too! No? Only me?

I think stay at home moms and the older generation of moms in general get a bad rap when it comes to fashion. People tend to assume we have no inclination toward fashion or style – that when you become a mom, you automatically transition towards old and frumpy and lose all touch with what’s on trend- and sometimes worse…that the curvier mom bod is something to look upon in disdain and is not really fashion worthy. God forbid you’re still modest! Then you’re really out with the “in crowd”.

With the rise of the internet comes a lot of self proclamations about what’s hot and what’s not and a lot of times moms get put into a category that may not entirely be fair. Cue the influx of new on the market  “influencers” who promote the “mom bod” as something we don’t necessarily see when we look at our own personal reflections, and it’s a one way ticket to self loathing and unrealistic expectations; and I’m about none of it!

Look, I’m going to be honest – in the beginning it took a while to adjust to my new lifestyle and this new body. There was a lot of trial and error and fashion faux pas that I’m glad isn’t splashed all over the internet because…thank goodness there was no actual internet – or rather, no pressure from social media. Also, at the same time, thank goodness for the internet because as much as it can become our frenemy at times, it’s also been a source of inspiration and helped get me out of my fashion slump.

A valuable lesson I’ve learnt along the way is that there are no real rules when it comes to fashion. We don’t have to fit into a specific box or dress a particular way; and we all have adapted to a style that suits our personality and lifestyle. To a mom of a new born it may mean barely getting out of pyjamas. To some, that may be office clothes and high heels. To others, it may be jeans and sneakers. For me, it means adapting to the occasion – which gives me the flexibility to dress how I want, when I want.

Although the new generation of moms seem much more put together than I ever was back in the day, people think we (and by we I mean older moms – and other ugly names Millenials like to call us) don’t have a cooking clue about things like fashion and how to dress up, but the great thing that comes with  being an older mom is having the maturity to know when to dress up! We know when it’s an opportune moment to splash out in a full Bollywood ensemble just as much as we’re ok with taking our gym ensemble to the mall (this has happened to me…don’t judge!). We know when an opportunity calls for a full face of makeup and high heels, while also being perfectly ok with running around bare faced in a pair of flats or sneakers. We don’t embody a specific style or aesthetic, but have the ability to rise to any occasion whenever we need to. We’ve survived having baby vomit in our hair for days  until we could find the time to shower and though we love fashion as much as the next gal, there’s no desire for us to be a fashion icon. We have no constraints and have the freedom to choose what kind of fashionista we want to be on any given day… and some days it means wearing a hoodie and tights and some days it means we rock un-brushed hair and a don’t give a damn attitude! Either way, we’re about dressing for a mood rather than an audience and that makes us badass AF.

About This Outfit

Being a SAHM means that my day to day outfit of choice will always lean towards comfort over glamour. But that doesn’t mean that it has to equal frumpy. This tights with leather panelling on the sides has been in my wardrobe for a good few years and has been a good way to update an everyday kind of outfit to give it a more modern feel. Paired here with a hoodie that I grabbed at a Zara sale with an inset of the print of the season – plaid – and completed with a pair of trendy Vans sneakers; and I have a mom on the go outfit that ticks all the boxes – comfy, trendy, flattering and modest!



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