Life Lately – April 2017

I suppose I should be basking in the afterglow of our recent family vacation, but life has a way of drawing you back into the real realm when it’s decided you’ve drifted too far off shore. And like an anchor that roots a ship to the seabed; we have had a few encounters since we’re back from holiday, that has brought us crashing back onto the shores of reality!
We were barely back in the country – in fact, to be honest; we hadn’t even left Thailand on the long journey back home – when we were slapped in the face with doses of reality. I think it must have been all the hours in the water that triggered the ear problem with my daughter, which only progressed during the long flights, cabin pressure and transit waits; as we made our way home. Thanks to her high pain threshold and  the power of Panado, we made it back home without much incident; only to discover that madam had contracted a very bad ear infection!
And then of course nothing screams “back to reality” quite like a trip to the ER! Hardly 2 days later, and only one day back into the school routine; that’s exactly where we happened to find ourselves when kid number two managed to fracture a finger on his right hand while playing basketball at school! The joys I tell you!!!
And then after not even two and a half days back at school, we found ourselves enjoying a super hot, extra long, long weekend that had me feeling that we were on an extended Summer Vacation; because quite literally, it feels like we’ve been on vacation since the end of March! I’m not really complaining about our extended vacation…it gave us the much needed time to catch up with all our other family members who we missed while we were gone.
And then jetlag has also been a real thing with me this time round. Everyone who knows me knows that I have no problem sleeping…anytime or anywhere! But I’ve really been struggling to find a proper sleeping rhythm since I’m back and I think it’s got to do with the 5 hour time difference! Anyway, I’m typing this feeling utterly exhausted and completely sorry for myself, because even after 3 cups of coffee, I still don’t feel fully awake!
And now that the kids are finally properly back at school, I can fully process the fact that exams starts in a month!!! So, ja…vacations are awesome, but they don’t last forever! Sooner or later, reality comes and anchors you down. For now though, I’ll live vicariously through all my holiday images and pending blog posts of our travels, and the endless video editing. It’s keeping my mood from swaying to the dark side and my thoughts away from the inevitable pressure of real life!!
*Ps. Our next travel post will go live on Friday…just sorting out a few niggles with my first video before it’s safe to share:-)
Thanks for reading!!

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