To Aryana on Your 1st Birthday

Today my mom has taken over the writing on the blog as she pens a heartfelt birthday message to the littlest Firefly, my niece Aryana, on her 1st Birthday which was celebrated yesterday…

I know that you don’t understand the workings of the world right now, and by the time you do figure it all out I might be too old or even already gone from this world. So I decided to write you this letter now…in the hopes that one day, when I no longer have a voice, you will read this and know what you are too young to understand now – and that is how incredibly valuable your presence has been in my life, and how very much you mean to me.

My life has always been centred around raising kids. From being involved with my younger siblings, to raising my own children, and then affectionately nurturing all the grandkids who have now blossomed into young adults and capable teens. All my life I’ve watched, helped and nurtured children to grow…and then watched them go on and leave to live their own lives. My heart had almost had enough of this cycle of setting kids free…I had withstood an empty nest too many times – the first when my own children left to start their own lives, and then again when the grandkids, your cousins, grew too big to fit onto my lap and curl into my arms. My heart still had so much love to give and yet the house that was always bursting and competing for that love was starting to feel very empty once again…and it started to weigh me down.

I had all but given up hope and then you entered my life like a ray of sunshine when I needed it the most!! You banished all the dark and gloomy clouds that hung over my head and have given me a new sense of purpose. You make me feel young and youthful even when my body sometimes fails me, and you’ve made me sing songs that had long been forgotten, you are the life, the sun and the music of my life and you give me a reason to look forward to each day!

All the older kids had the advantage of growing up with me. They have watched me get old and they will remember. I also know the day will come when you too will grow and need me less, but I don’t know if I will ever have the pleasure of seeing you grow up completely. I want you to know that I will forever treasure this time…these moments…and the memories I have created with you. There is so much I say to you daily that you don’t understand and won’t ever remember. But one day when you are all grown up, I want you to read this story and look at all my picture memories with you, and know that you are incredibly special to me and very deeply loved! It’s all I can leave you with when I am no more…

I love you with all my heart…

Forever and Always


A huge thank you to 2Cherries Photography for always being on hand to capture all our families memories, and working overtime to deliver the images for today’s post! 

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