Wedding Season Style Inspiration #2

Wedding Season is fast approaching and our “what to wear” dilemma’s and frustrations is part and parcel of the package! If you’re like me, then you probably knee deep in the middle of end of year exam drama and assessment stress, which means planning ahead for that upcoming wedding is probably the last thing on your mind…let alone planning outfits for your entire family. And if you’re Indian, worse still, since you’ll be needing outfits for a whole weeks worth of festivities!

Having a teenage daughter means that she’s constantly rummaging through my cupboard for things she can claim  wear. I really don’t mind sharing a few items with her, but I am at a big disadvantage since I don’t have the waistline to be able to snatch things from her wardrobe! Except maybe for ONE item that she owns! The faithful old Sari never ceases to perform miracles! It’s the one item, that no matter how curvy or skinny your sibling or offspring is; you can still lay claim to when the need arises. It’s the lifesaver hanging in the cupboard that never needs alterations and always looks elegant. And now, after all these years of being at a disadvantage, I can finally open my daughter’s wardrobe and find something that fits (HAHA).
What I love about this particular piece is the vibrant colour combination. It’s a modern and updated take on an old, timeless classic. The colours and subtle detailing makes it perfect for the youngsters, and the soft fabric makes for easy draping and comfort; which is key if you’re new to wearing a sari. An arm full of bangles and dainty jewels completes this look for a young teenager just embarking on the journey of sari wearing!

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Sari – Memsaab
Bangles – India
Jewels – our own
Photographs – 2Cherries Photography
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