{ 3rd PRIZE WINNERS!! } The Bond of Sisters – Photoshoot with 2Cherries Photography

Family has always been the cornerstone of my existence! The close relationship I have with my mother is something I deeply value and cherish, and I spend endless hours each week relishing in her presence and her company. It’s an honour and privilege I don’t take for granted! The same goes for my sisters. Being four of us means that there is always a listening ear, a helping hand and a shoulder to lean on whenever we need it. It’s a bond we have been taught to nurture from young, and something we still strive towards despite our busy lives. Relationships that I value with all my heart.

It’s probably why I was deeply touched by the competition entry of Kim Muller. Sometimes a tragedy or deeply emotional setback steers us in the direction we need to be. For Kim and her sister, having lost their mom at the beginning of the year seems to have been the catalyst that rekindled their sisterly bond and brought them closer together. It’s made them realise how quickly moments pass us by and that they really needed to make the most of their time together. It’s why they so much desired to encapsulate their love and their bond with a photo shoot…so that they could have this pivotal moment in their lives frozen forever!

For us, because the relationships between sisters has always been so important; the sisterly bond they rekindled made us deeply sentimental. And because capturing precious moments is what 2Cherries Photography lives for, they couldn’t pass the opportunity to capture these memories for them. And so the date was set!

It did seem as though the weather was playing against us the morning of the shoot, and we feared we might have to reschedule; but we trekked through to the colourful streets of the Bo-Kaap anyway… knee deep in hope and silent prayers – and it worked!! We ended up with a window of perfect weather and lighting and 100’s of photo’s that I’m sure they will treasure forever.

For me, they really did remind me of my bond with my own sisters…their playfulness and laughter and love for photos is something we ourselves share. In them I saw a bit of me with every one of my own sisters! I hope you enjoyed making memories with us and I hope that you make many more together in the future. From all the Fireflies and also the 2Cherries,  we hope that your bond only blossoms and strengthens through the years <3

2Cherries in action! They will do anything to get the perfect shot!

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