Rainbows and Sunshine

All the beautiful pictures of pretty rainbows brightening up the Cape Town sky this morning, had me digging into my old journals for one of my old entry’s…
Sometimes my heart and head are overflowing with uncontrollable emotion that my body is not strong enough to contain it. It feels like a brewing storm; sometimes unpleasant to go through and experience, but like all natural phenomenon, healing and cleansing.
When things feel too much to bear, it’s only natural for me to burst into a flood of tears.
This welling up of emotion is sometimes so painful, but I’ve learnt that  the release is pure bliss. I’ve kinda got a new respect for rainy days.
The sky must’ve had a couple of very bad days to suddenly come pouring down!
So, the next time it pours with rain, I intend stepping out and dancing…
‘Cos I know that after the rain, comes
Rainbows and Sunshine!! 
(picture courtesy of Ayesha Royker)
Thanks for reading!

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