Welcome to Spring

Despite the snow capped mountains looming on the horizons, and the chill still heavily hanging in the air; Spring has arrived, albeit a little slowly, and slightly silently. I noticed just today the rows of daisies lining the sides of the roads, the mornings are already a little brighter when the kids leave for school, and the once bare trees are beginning to sprout anew!

We are to be forgiven for being fooled into an extra long Winter, the weather not giving us the go ahead to pack away our winter woollies just yet…but don’t be fooled into thinking that Spring is still a way to come. Before you know it, we will be basking in the glory of warmer days and a brighter wardrobe!

So, I suggest we all get a move on, spring clean our closets…and our eating…and put a spring in our step! Get up and get moving, because very soon we won’t have the comfort of layers and coats to hide behind. I have already gotten back into the swing of my gym routine, counter acting the effects of a gym free month during the fast, and it feels great!!

With a new month and a new season upon us, I thought it would be great to add some health and fitness tips and inspiration to the blog that we can all benefit from. I am by no means an expert, but there’s nothing better than some shared motivation to help all of us get a bit closer to achieving our goals. And with the warmer seasons on our heels, this is as good a time to start!

Looking forward to fitter, stronger, and healthier months ahead!

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