Our Darling Bud of May

A year can change a lot of things. Every minute of the last 365 days has been shaping our beings. No doubt, it has altered our lives, our hearts and our destinies…and with each dawn, we wake up slightly different, a little softer and gentler in some parts; and slightly hardened in others than we were the day before. It gives us time to gain perspective and a chance for change.
 Last year, this time, you were at the beginning of a journey that was about to change your entire life! This year we welcome in your birthday with you having taken on a new role, a new title, a changed identity and a new little being by your side! We greet the dawn of a new year with so many hopes and dreams as the span of your horizon begins to expand.
We’ve always shared a multitude of things – memories, secrets, your accessories and my fur vest – and now we share the title of mother too! But like all things (like my kaftan and said fur vest), motherhood seems to look a whole lot better on you! Motherhood on me looked like tired eyes and unkempt hair. Motherhood on me was unglamorous – No make up and definitely NO selfies! A wardrobe of misfortune and malfunctions in abundance until I managed to find my feet.
But not you! Oh no! You were the one who had their baby in style! Who was wheeled out of theatre looking glamorous! Who wore the title of motherhood with pride instead of allowing motherhood to wear YOU down. You have transitioned into your new role with ease and you know what, of all the roles you have, of all the titles you hold; this one suits you the most!
I know there was a time you wondered if this day would ever come. But you have always had a way with little children and have embraced all of our kids as your own, so I had no doubt in my mind that this day will reach you. Time has chosen now and the moment is yours to revel in and enjoy, and while all other evidence points to an early onset of autumn and a fast approaching winter, here you stand, amidst it all, our darling bud of May in full bloom!
  Happy Birthday Moon!!
Love you to the (erm) Moon and back 😉

Photographs by : 2Cherries Photography

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