What Makes You Beautiful – Featuring Lamees Achmat Roomaney

In my lifetime, I have crossed paths with many people! From my Primary School playground, to the corridors of High School and the years beyond; everyone I have encountered and parted ways with has left me with valuable lessons and a changed heart. From an argument or a disappointment, to a conversation that has altered my perspective or motivated me in some way…though some of you may never know the impact you have had on me, these forged relationships will always be of value to me because I learnt something about myself and I learnt something about life.

As life progresses, I continue to cross paths with so many people! Some leave me inspired in how not to be, others have helped strengthen me and open my eyes to the ways of the world; while others inspire me to continue along my journey and to climb my ladder/mountain of internal growth and be a better person. Some people, though our day to day may not be tightly woven together, inspires me through deed an action and their beautiful souls that shine through in all that they do. You see, it might be a simple gesture, or a shared quote that allows me to see beyond the surface, and gives me a glimpse into their mind, heart and soul.

Lamees and I have no shared history. I met her when I attended one of her very first Wellness Wednesday events a few years back. My first impression of Lamees was that she was a typical type A personality (Although, to be fair, she was in the midst of hosting an event)! She was confident, eloquent, a go getter and also very well put together!  And though the event itself was unforgettable and I left there feeling motivated, inspired and enlightened(and intrigued enough to return for numerous more events after that), I didn’t leave there with a new best friend in the form of  Lamees.

I think my friendship with Lamees evolved over time. With each event I attended I got to know her a little better, delve a little bit deeper into her psyche, peel away the layers of this businesswoman and entrepreneur persona I was initially greeted with,  until one day, I was standing on her lawn, deep in conversation about motherhood and life, and I finally reached   the core of the woman beneath…

So, what makes Lamees beautiful to me? Sometimes in life, our mistakes are guiding lights to our destiny. I know that Lamees is a very driven woman in the work force and self-proclaimed “feisty” by nature, but I also know that motherhood has grounded and softened her and is her true passion and calling. I identify with her holistic approach to parenting, and she introduced me to alternative medicine and holistic healing as well…but what makes her most beautiful to me is that she is always ready to uplift and inspire others…she always ready with an encouraging word and helpful advice and when she sees a need to help anyone – from a woman in need on a support chat group, to clothing the underprivileged for Eid, to supporting the small business owner or a struggling parent in need of advice and encouragement- she is always willing and ready to dig deep, help and get the job done! She has put her passionate and driven nature behind great causes  which has enriched so many lives in the process. She is selfless and not at all about self or monetary gain, but rather about encouraging and uplifting everyone she meets in which ever way she can, which makes her an amazingly strong and an incredibly beautiful woman with a generous soul.

So Lamees, what makes you beautiful?
I like to think of people in terms of their souls – are they beautiful inside? Are they kind, do they do beautiful things for others and have beautiful words to say about others? Do I want to spend time with them, can I learn from them? Often inner beauty shines brighter than outer beauty.

What makes me beautiful? I’m a forgiving person and don’t stay angry for long even though my anger is usually quite explosive! I admit to my mistakes and apologise when I am wrong. I also try to live my life without affirmation from others – I try my best (most days!) and on the days I fall short, I pick myself up and try harder the next day ❤️

I feel most beautiful when I’m with my kids, who don’t notice when my hair isn’t brushed or I’m still in PJs. Whether we’re doing our “crazy dance” in the car, or singing off key or just laughing from deep within our bellies, I feel beautiful and content.



And I’ve included my mom and sis because they’re my anchors. They keep me grounded and love me unconditionally. My first role models of beautiful, strong and independent women ❤️
You are an incredible woman Lamees!
Continue shining your light and inspiring others in the way that you do…
It’s what makes you beautiful!
Thanks for reading!

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