Happy Mothers Day Mom

It seems so cliché to be writing this note on Mother’s day. Mother’s no doubt should be honoured and respected everyday, and I do so try on a daily basis to show that I care, but that hardly seems enough in comparison to all that you do…so today I want to celebrate you, Mom!
I want you to know that I didn’t always understand the sacrifices you made for us, your children, until I became a mother myself…and even then, it is only until I tasted hardship myself that the extent of your sacrifice truly sunk in. I wanted you to know, since I don’t always say it in words, that I am grateful for the childhood you gave us, for the ‘normal’ you worked so hard to create. I am grateful for all the wonderful memories I have because of you.
I wanted you to know that I didn’t always see the sense behind the boundaries you set when I was a teen until the day my children entered the teen years themselves. I know now, though I didn’t understand then, that it was a shield of love and I am ever so grateful that I didn’t get to taste the freedom with no boundaries I was dying for all those years ago, as I understand now that it comes with a whole lot of consequences I would never have been prepared for… and it’s all because of your never ending love and ability to see beyond the moment.
I wanted you to know that I am grateful for the bond we forged beyond the teenage years…our close friendship, shopping partner and travels to the opposite ends of the world. Thank you for the best years. And when things got a bit tough, THANK YOU for always having my back, for always being by my side! I would never have conquered my biggest hurdles without you.  
The biggest gratitude in my heart though, is not what you have done for me. I know now that caring beyond the call of duty is what mothers do. Endless love and self sacrifice for the sake of our kids is what we do best. No…more than what you have done for me, I value the Grandmother you are to our kids! From the oldest to the youngest, you have invested time in helping us raise our children. You have guided us when the path didn’t seem that clear. You have housed each and every one of them in your heart, knowing well each ones strengths and weaknesses…From birth, to now and till tomorrow and beyond… I wanted you to know that I am a better parent because of you.
And as the kids one by one enter and exit their teens, I know they may not remember as I do, but when memory fails, I will always be their reminder that I would never have gotten the job done without you! We are grateful to have you as part of our lives, though we don’t always say it often enough…WE LOVE YOU!
Photograph: 2Cherries Photography  

We love you Mom/Naani!!
Forever and Always,
Your kids and grandchildren 🙂

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