Mini Getaway to Montagu Springs

Can you believe that there were only 45 school days in the first term??? Honestly, it felt like 100 days or more of torture as I saw the kids through various orals, projects, assignments and assessments that drained the life out of us! ‘Cos even though they’re the ones doing all the hard work, someone has to do the running around for all the bits and bobs, charts, split pins and other stuff we don’t have casually laying around the house!! And just when I thought we were about done with projects, there’s always that one teacher who loves to surprise torture us with a last minute dash and scramble…

So when that last week hit us, I was more than ready to throw in the towel and drive into the sunset and away from it all! Which is exactly what we did….although it was more midday than sunset…but you know what I mean! We headed away from the rush, the chaos, the daily chase. We headed away from the hustle and bustle of the Big world and headed through the mountains, passed quaint and quiet little towns and into the neat little valley where Montagu Springs is nestled.
This place houses so many of my memories through the years! Walking the grounds after so long was like walking hand in hand with nostalgia. We’d come here so often as a young family; when the kids were too young to brave travels that were more adventurous. And even further back, with my own parents and siblings, sneaking out of windows with my brother to go watch the sun rise; racing each other on those big, red, pedal bikes! I came here when I was pregnant with my second child…with my parents and sisters and the kids. And then again with them when the numbers doubled. I was here with my father-in-law when he was sickly, to give him a change of scenery and perspective and a little fresh air and we’ve found our way back this year, after many years, to find that so many things have changed.
The house we stayed in the last few times had burnt to the ground. Those red pedal bikes were no longer there. The ducks we so often went to sit and watch, seemed to have dispersed. But even though what once was there is now gone…the images and memories created in a different time under different circumstances remain frozen and intact, and it was wonderful being able to relive some of those memories with the kids…and in turn build new ones for us to treasure.

It was a refreshing break! Embracing the new day with a kind of peace that comes from having nowhere to rush to, nothing to chase. For a few brief days we were enveloped in the calmness of our natural surroundings … and with the luxury of all our every day amenities thanks to our top class accommodation in the Mountain Chalets. For a little while time passed by slower than usual, where an hour didn’t disappear in flashes and lightning bolts. Where we actually relaxed, bonded and enjoyed each others company.

And even once we got back home, the relaxed, “nothing to do” vibe continued…and for the first time in a long time Easter break actually felt like a break! For the first time in a long time I felt like there was a long enough pause to truly rejuvenate body and mind…and for the first time I honestly feel ready to tackle the 50 odd days of the second term of school!

Literally took hundreds of pics in just 4 days and sifting through them all was a nightmare….but here’s a few of my favourite.

En route…obligatory selfie while the going is good!
The last time we were here these private Jacuzzi’s weren’t yet ready.


We arrived midweek, so it felt like we had the place to ourselves!

Taken by my six year old <3









 For now, it’s back to reality!
Thanks for reading.

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