Strand Waterworld

January basically just zoomed past us and here we are at the beginning of February; the last few weeks of Summer before we shift gears (and wardrobes) once again and welcome a new season. February is supposed to be the hottest month on our calendar, and with most of our week (and glorious weather) being either tied up in either the office or the school run, I intend to take full advantage of the weekends before the gloomy months hit us!

If you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids and want to capitalise on these final weeks, then I suggest heading out to Strand Waterworld. It’s a relatively old establishment, but I’ve been living in my own bubble for far too long that I’ve only recently discovered this little treasure.

Situated on the beaches of Strand and hidden in a lush, green nook; Waterworld provides you with an intimate and secluded venue – perfect for a fun family day out! Boasting five slides of varying sizes; suited for everyone from the mini adventurers of under six years to the more adventurous spirit with tummy churning vertical drop; Waterworld offers good, clean fun for the whole family! The no alcohol policy, is an added bonus! Lifeguards on duty provides some peace of mind for parents who prefer to escape the chaos  fun  while relaxing in the cool shade of the Bedouin tent and sipping/snacking on the delicious drinks and treats the informal outdoor café  has to offer (or your own picnic goodies if that’s what you prefer). What I like about it is that you have a birds eye view of the slides from wherever you are which means your kids are always within sight.

This day will forever stand out to me because it’s the day I decided to let go of my inhibitions and have fun. It was the day I stepped out of the side line and rediscovered the child within. It was the day I walked beside my kids instead peering into their lives through parental lenses. It was the day I got to bond with my older Sister and laughed over song games in the hot tub (don’t even ask) and it was the day we reclaimed some lost pieces of ourselves…Waterworld, you were lots of fun, it’s only a pity we didn’t drag Deed into the mix too…but then we wouldn’t have these pics to remind us of the day 😉






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