Things to do at the V&A Waterfront this School Holidays

*Written in collaboration with V&A Waterfront*
Exams are over, the weather is starting to look more promising, and school is almost out for a 10 day break!! Can we have a collective “WOOHOOO”!!!
Once the weather warms up, there’s really no better place to be than right here in Cape Town. It’s actually sinful to spend the days indoors! Cape Town definitely has it’s own unique, laidback charm; and the warmer weather, for us, is all the invitation we need to down tools and have a mini vacation in our own city. And one of the best places you can always depend on to feel like a tourist, is the V&A Waterfront. With all the luxuries of a general mall on the inside; and a host of fun activities on the outside; you will be guaranteed to always have a good time. There’s just such a touristy vibe about this place that I absolutely LOVE!
For a family that frequents the Waterfront a lot, we haven’t even gotten to explore every single nook and cranny yet- not even the half of it. So when the V&A Waterfront invited us to an afternoon of fun to showcase the range of activities on offer to keep the holiday boredom at bay, we were eager to see and experience all the parts we’ve been missing out on.


First up was lunch at the newly opened, Italian inspired franchise, COL’CACCHIO. The new concept store has a grab and go section of ready meals, as well as all the familiar favourites of their normal menu – with an addition of a few new extras. It  is not a halal franchise, but they do have vegetarian options, some new fish dishes, as well as a very exciting looking dessert menu if you just want to hang out for a coffee. The décor is warm and inviting and the outside terrace has a spectacular view (which you can see in the video at the end of the post)!



Next, we headed outdoors for a trip up on The Cape Wheel. We’ve been on the wheel a good couple of years ago when the kids were much smaller, and I don’t even think Zee can remember any of it; so it was really cool to experience it with them now that they’re a little older. Plus, the view from the top never gets old (check it out in the video below)! It was overcast on the day we went up, but usually you get great views of Table Mountain, Robben Island and a few other landmarks. Apparently, according to my 15 year old, the lighting is also amazing up there for selfies!


 Next we headed towards the clock tower to find the outdoor skate rink, Fantasy Skate. There is a very distinct and tangible energy in the air once you exit the mall that is uniquely “Waterfront”. Besides this massive wheel peeps out at you wherever you turn, there’s so much buzz and activity outside that a day spent here can never be boring.
 Fantasy Skate is a synthetic ice rink located on the Pierhead Wharf at the V&A. It’s not a massive rink, but the kids seemed to have a lot of fun trying to glide around on it maybe because it looks less intimidating than the big ice rink. I must also add that skating on the synthetic ice isn’t as easy as skating on actual ice, but the kids all had a good time falling flat on their bottoms while trying. A skate session will cost you R30 for 20 minutes.


After enjoying a bit more time outdoors, we headed back inside for a coffee and cake treat at Limnos. Limnos is famous for their decadent confectionery treats and I always get secretly thrilled when people compare my Milktart to their legendary Fabiola! Anyway, this was a deliciously sweet stop before heading to the Waterfront’s newest attraction for the kids : the opening night of Future Park, which is now on at the Watershed.



Future Park is an interactive digital universe that brings your children’s drawings to life. The exhibition has a host of fun activities that will captivate the imagination of your young ones while introducing them to the wonders of technology by using scanners and sensors to make each child’s drawings come to life in a digital universe.
But drawing is not the only thing you can do at Future Park! The two stories worth of interactive digital activities to keep your children occupied and enthralled. A light ball orchestra and musical hopscotch and so much more…definitely something worth going to see while they are here! For more on what to expect from Future Park, watch the video insert below.




ABOUT THIS VIDEO : I’m starting to enjoy the process of documenting things with little videos as well. It definitely tells a part of the story that pictures and words can’t. So do click on the video below to get a different perspective of the days happenings!
That’s it from us for today. Thanks for reading!




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