What Makes You Beautiful – Featuring Rashieda Adams

The media is notoriously guilty of creating impossible standards of beauty! Armed with the assistance of photoshop, filters and extreme editing – Add to that make-up brands promises of perfection…then keeping up with what makes you beautiful in the digital age, can prove to be difficult and costly.

But modern day media has some success stories too! Social media has redefined the way we interact and forge friendships; albeit with it’s own kind of filtering (Nobody shares everything right!?). Online updates, pictures and quotes gives us a glimpse into the mind and lives of the people behind the screen…the long forgotten friend, work colleagues and new acquaintances. It helps us stay in touch when life is far too busy for that long overdue coffee date. Through online sharing, we continue to inspire and be inspired by others.

The blogging industry is fast becoming a strong force in the media world too. Most likely because it serves as a voice for ordinary people. Curvy people, short people, single mothers, divorcees…We all tell a story from a different perspective.  People identify with this because it doesn’t conform to the standards set by glossy magazines.  Getting the latest fashion updates, beauty reviews and musings on life from real people; minus some of the filters; gives the power back to the “everyday” woman!
In this way, blogging has given me a chance to draw inspiration from the journeys of others, and afforded me the opportunity to cross paths with women I might not have otherwise. One of these women is Rashieda Adams. I met Rashieda online when we were both still new to the blogging world. She was the first person to ever interview me for her blog, and in a way, has always been one of my strongest supporters outside my family circle! Sometimes I think she has more faith in me and my abilities than I have in myself. 
Passionate, dedicated, sincere and enthusiastic…these are some of the words that best describes her! Though I’ve only physically met Rashieda twice, it’s through her writing  and blogging journey that I have gotten to know this inspiring individual a little bit better.
What makes Rashieda beautiful to me? Rashieda has only ever sang my praises! Although it is a great feeling to be on the receiving end of praise, I think she is far more deserving of it than me. Where  I am a thinker, Rashieda is a doer! Her beauty lies in her kindness and generosity which extends beyond just her words. She is driven by her passion of helping others, and after leaving the blogging field for a while, she has returned recently so that she can use her online presence to uplift those less fortunate. Recognising the plight of abused women and children, she not only feels, but is pro-active about those feelings and tries to create awareness to this cause in any way she can. She is beautiful, because she has a heart full of empathy and cares enough to take action!
So, Rashieda, what makes you beautiful?

What makes me beautiful?
When I was asked this question my
instinctive answer was to say well I don’t see myself as beautiful, not in the
pretty beauty queen kind of way that society and Disney seem to like. No
Pocahontas here! I always just thought I clean up really nicely hahaa. But then
I just thought stop your nonsense.  What
makes me beautiful is my genuine love for people. I am passionate about people
and about the upliftment of women and children. Everyone deserves to have
everything of the best. It is how Allah intended it to be after all. He made
one earth for all of us to share. I have a kind and generous heart. I know I am
a work in progress and I have yet to reach my full potential. I have so much to
offer with so much love to give. I serve an Amazing, Loving, Merciful and Kind
Allah and in his paradise no one is left out and that’s what makes me
Rashieda, together with Invisible CT, is currently running a Women’s Month initiative to 
 collect toiletries and non perishables for the Saartjie Baartman Centre for abused women and children. If you are able to contribute towards this cause, please contact Rashieda…
Thanks for reading!

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