CityROCK – An Indoor Rock Climbing Adventure

When I found out I was having a daughter just over 13 years ago, I envisioned dressing her up in frilly dresses and tutu’s, imagined a future of princess parties and spa dates. What I got, instead, was an energetic, athletic, adventure seeking, tights and takkies kind of girl!

And though, as she enters the teen years, the rare occasions are becoming more frequent that the girly girl  makes it’s appearance (she has learnt the art of contouring, highlighting and perfecting the winged eyeliner before me), the adventurous young lady is still very much alive as she back flips, cartwheels, and jumps squats her way up the stairs and through the house!

So it didn’t come as much of a surprise that she passed on the disco and slumber themed parties that is so common for this age, and instead opted for a rock climbing (and Emoji) party with the cousins!

I had never heard of CityROCK before and stumbled upon their website quite coincidentally; after which it had been on my mental to-do-list of things to do with the kids.  CityROCK is an indoor rock climbing venue, making it a perfect place for kids of all ages to get in some physical activity in a fun and adventurous way, without having to worry about the weather! It also made it the perfect party venue for my daughter! The great thing about CityROCK is that they cater for a variety of audiences – from the first time climber, to the more experienced and seasoned outdoor climbers. Not just for kids or parties, they are quite popular amongst thrill seeking adults and cater for corporate events too.

Overall, I found it to be a fun and safe way to keep the kids fit and active and away from the clasp of their technological devices, which has become a far too convenient way to keep the kids occupied during the colder seasons. The convenience of a coffee shop and free Wifi makes it an ideal spot for parents to socialise and socia(media)lise while the kids are under the watchful eye of trained instructors.

Although all the kids in attendance were of varying fitness levels and abilities, they all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were still feeling the effects of their party workout in their arms for a few days after! I will definitely be taking the kids to CityROCK  again…and maybe next time I will join in myself 🙂

p.s  I thought the Emoji theme was so appropriate for a teenager as it perfectly depicts all their varying moods and emojis  that we as moms are faced with during the day (insert crying laughing emoji here)!!

The birthday girl
Family <3
Special shoes are provided

Helping hand from Mom

Siblings 🙂
Brotherly love

Listening carefully to the instructions
Lending a helping hand

Paparazzi Mom (momarazzi?)

Emoji Cookies!
No decent picture of the cake!

By the time I switched on my camera she was halfway up!


Any guess who won this challenge?

Can you spot the photobomber!

Having some fun of our own!
These emoji cookies were a hit!

Emoji Faces! I had to choose the silliest one

My Cool guy 😉

Details for CityROCK 
Address – 21Anson Road, Observatory
Phone – 021 447 1326
Thanks for reading!


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