A Year of Change

Birthdays are always sentimental because we are reminded of the journey that has brought us to this point. This has been a big year for change. For you…for all of us. New beginnings are always the hardest. Not so much for the one’s embarking on their new adventure, but more so for the ones feeling like they’ve been left behind.
In many ways it is the change we have always wanted for you…for your mom. But perhaps the time that has lapsed in us waiting and praying for this new beginning, is also to blame for my heart becoming too attached.  As much as it has all been welcomed…it also involves letting go of having things the way they used to be.
But as things change, we must learn to embrace it and move with the current. Just because things are slightly different, it does not mean that the heart forgets or that it stops loving. My love for you is always going to be special and my heart is full knowing that you have been embraced with an abundance of love and kindness, that this new chapter brings you so much happiness and fulfilment.

Family is one of life’s greatest treasures. And though change is a certainty that will always come our way, our lives will always be connected through our bond, our love and our memories. May time be kind to our love, strengthen our bond, and award us with an ocean more of memories that will last forever!

Happy 15th Birthday Awesome Agu!
Love Always,


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