Modest Eid Inspiration

I feel unnaturally organised and stress free as we embrace this last week before Eid celebrations. If you’re anything like me, then you’ve completely avoided the Eid rush by planning ahead and already have the kids (and your) clothes hanging and ready. If not, I’m here to make your job a little bit easier by directing you where to go.

We all know that prowling the mall for modest wear can be tiresome and end up fruitless. Chain stores don’t really cater for Eid in the way of modest fashion and one is either left with nothing to wear or going with the stream.
 What I love is that there has been a rise in local designers taking on the gap in the market for modest fashion and creating full on Eid ranges that caters to our needs. Eid Markets and open days have done well in bringing this market to the fore and making it easier for us to look both stylish and modest!
If you’ve missed out on these markets and are still on the lookout for something to wear for Eid, then FEW AND FAR COLLECTIONS together with ZIBA STYLES is hosting an open day this weekend. Few And Far Collections offers an exclusive range of imported garments from UAE, UK, Malaysia and Turkey. Boasting a wide and exclusive range of  on trend maxi dresses, tops, coats and scarves…and with Ziba Styles showcasing their sought after accessories, you are bound to get your complete Eid outfit at one stop ;-)Here’s a preview of a very regal piece from their collection, available at the open day tomorrow!

Open Day!
Saturday 11 June 2015
10 am – 4pm
12 Melo Ave, Rondebosch








A few more dresses from the range…





 Thanks for reading and good luck with Eid shopping!


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