Pyjama Days – Featuring Naptime Onesies


I can’t believe that we’re into the second week of the school holidays, nearing the end of the fast, and just past halfway through the year as well! Time is sprinting by and with Ramadan and school holidays colliding, I have found this offering to be the right reprieve at the right time for me to unwind, unclasp my grip on my worldly duties and regain and reclaim some calm, so that the journey forward will be a little easier to plot…

With no hurry or rush to be anywhere specific anytime soon; and being in the midst of what feels like the coldest Winter in a very long time…life has become a series of endless pyjama days for the kids! It provides the right amount of warmth and that cosy feeling that is synonymous with those “Do nothing” kind of days that Winter vacations tend to bring along (Although…as idyllic as pyjama days seem in this house, the Kiddie Argument Intervention has become an actual thing!). The only thing missing is a hot cuppa something and a big bowl of popcorn (Fast)…the comfort food to make this cosy party complete!

I find (good quality) polar fleece to be the ideal fabric for winter warmth. Not only is it light weight and extremely warm. Good quality fleece washes exceptionally well and dries really quick in comparison to other winter wear garments, making pj’s the garment of choice in our house…or at least stay in them for as long as we possibly can!  

Which brings me this Naptime Onesies onesie. Naptime onesies are all-in-one comfort wear for women. It is made with coral fleece and is the ideal garment to keep cosy while combatting the chill  and lazing around the comfort of your home. Standard onesies are available in various colour combinations in sizes S, M, L, XL, or can be customised with your choice from various prints and colours. As one can expect, these onesies are the ultimate in comfort and warmth, and is making Winter a whole lot more bearable 🙂

You can order your own Naptime Onesies onesie by following their Facebook Page



Available in various combinations…
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