My Truths – What Makes You Beautiful?

So many beautiful faces….so few beautiful souls.
The quest for beauty and perfection seems to be an eternal one! Society and media suggests that there is a measurable standard of beauty…that it can be created and constructed. Yet in this search, all we are left with are flawless faces with deeply flawed souls… There is so much focus and emphasis put in attaining this mirage of flawlessness, where in reality, as humans, we are naturally flawed. Which brings me to the question…What, in fact, makes one beautiful?

I used to ask my husband this question a lot while we were dating…when I was young and in my prime! In the beginning, I wanted it to be something physical. Maybe my eyes or my smile…but all through the years (over 17 in total) his answer has never changed. The beauty he saw in me then still lingers, deep beneath the layers of my imperfect skin and is nestled in my heart (or so he says)!

I was never satisfied with this simple response, feeling that in some way I was inadequate…myself erroneously equating beauty and desirability as a physical attribute. But I see the beauty and wisdom in his answer now. Though my physical appearance has altered and changed through our years together, he has found beauty in something intangible to the naked eye. Sometimes it takes someone else to look beyond our physical form…to peel away our mortal layers…and find what lies within us all. For true beauty is not seen, but felt in our gestures towards others!

And so, in us all lies something unique…something beautiful. A specialness that makes us shine! I’ve decided to start this series, showcasing everyday women with extraordinary souls; looking beyond face value and finding what makes them beautiful, through MY eyes.

” Beauty is not achieved from the outside. It is a destination that starts in the beating heart, transported through our actions towards mankind…and rests itself on our outward appearance, the face we show the world. I’ve seen beautiful people look ugly…and beauty in the unassuming. When we are striving to be better individuals, our exterior is merely an accessory…”
(Quoted from and old post found here )


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