Boho Chic

Nothing in Life ever stays the same or lasts forever. There is no guarantee or certainty or predictability.  The only constant in Life, is change….Throughout life, we all go through an evolution. A metamorphosis. Physically, emotionally, spiritually…change is inevitable. It is necessary! There is simply no escaping it…
Appreciating the here and the now is impossible without a little reminiscing about the past…The steps we have taken to reach this destination. The journey so far. As much as us humans thrive on familiarity and routine, sometimes change is the precise thing we need in order to thrive.
Which brings me to Moon’s fashion evolution! As a kid growing up, while I was into Barbie and dresses, Moon was very much a tomboy and was more into bicycles, roller skates and shorts & tees. When she was a little older, she became more of a grunge girl in torn jeans, tie dye  t-shirts and ear cuffs. As she blossomed and grew, her sense of style evolved with her. Now she prefers classic styles and colours…adding her own boho flair when it comes to accessories!
Boho, for me, never goes out of fashion. Although it appears to wane from time to time, it has repeatedly resurfaced in various guises. Here Moon captures a 70’s inspired look, pairing a bootleg jeans with a loose top and wedge heels…and finishing things of with her trademark accessories! You see…change can be good thing 😉
Came prepared!
Moon is Wearing
Jeans: Levis
Top: Woolworths
Wedge Sandal: Truworths
Earrings: Lovisa
Bracelet & Necklace: Gifts
Photography: Larry English

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