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I’ve been in high spirits of late! I’m not sure if it’s as a result of the onset of a new season, lots of sunshine D and exploring the great outdoors, or because at this moment in time my soul feels more at peace than it’s ever been (Alhamdulillah). Whatever it is, it’s a good place to be in and I’ve fully embraced this wave of positive energy that has enveloped my life…
 Today’s post is step away from my normal philosophical tone. It is fun and frivolous…much like the mood I’m currently in! I’ve been tagged to do this by Rushda from Rube’s Closet & JustEllaBella and with Spring in full bloom and a wonderful Summer to look forward, it seems like a perfect time to delve into my Summer lusts!
1. What is your favourite thing about Summer?
Having the kids at home with no pressure of school runs and homework! Long, hot days and endless hours in the pool. Definitely barbecues and family time! Summer is all about relaxing, taking it easy and having fun exploring our beautiful city!

2. Do you have a favourite Summer drink?
I mostly drink water! Occasionally I will have an Appletiser…and very rarely I will be adventurous  with my flavours.


3. Is there a location you like to go to each Summer?
Cape Town is such a beauty, especially in Summer, so there’s no place I’d rather be than in my own home city! Summer holidays is also such a busy time of year since it coincides  with Christmas and the roads are always so busy and unbearable. It is also husbands busiest time of the year work wise…so for me, the best location to be is in the  tranquillity of my backyard! Kids spend hours in the pool and I use that time as an opportunity to put my feet up and stay cool in the heat. We usually take family trips during the course of the year.


4. Favourite make-up look for Summer?
I don’t wear make-up on a daily basis, but when I do wear I opt for natural shades and lightly tinted lip.
5. Dresses or skirts?
I used to be big on skirts at one stage, but now I mostly opt for dresses…mainly maxi’s!


6. Sandals or ballet pumps?
Definitely sandals!!! And lately I’ve been drawn to those printed sneakers…I bought my daughter a pair and I think I might borrow them 😉

7. Hair up or down?
Much to my mother’s dismay, down! I do it  mainly to camouflage my chubby cheeks, although I do sometimes attempt a side braid to make it look a bit neater.

8. Deep smokey eye or bold lip?
Bold lips.

9. Favourite perfume for Summer?
I just have a favourite perfume… that I wear throughout the year….whatever the season! LOL. Narciso Rodriguez

10. Last but not least, favourite music for Summer?
At the risk of sounding boring, I don’t have a favourite band or artist. I just listen to the radio (KFM), or whatever the kids are in to (Currently The Vamps). Thankfully they are no longer into Barney (Yes….there were days that was all I listened to)!!

Now I get to tag fellow bloggers to take the challenge! I nominate:

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Thanks for reading today!



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