My Love Affair With Woolworths SA

I have a long standing love affair with Woolworths! Besides the free range meat, organic vegetables and hormone free dairy products that are readily available…and lets not forget my tumultuous relationship with the dessert counter either…their clothing line has me constantly adjusting my budget in order to indulge in the latest seasonal must haves! One of South Africa’s leading retailers, and one of the few that cater to the ‘real woman’s’ needs and physique, they offer a range of clothing that is fashion forward, without compromising on comfort or quality and with a more affordable price tag.
Housing a wide variety of ranges to suit everyone’s unique style , from the free spirited young woman to the sophisticated career women and even the woman at leisure (like myself)…and also housing independent brands such as Country Road, Trenery and Witchery…You can be assured garments are well made, well priced (comparatively) and always on trend…for both you  and the rest of the family. Of all the stores I shop at…I have lost my heart to Woolworths and my love affair with Woolies grows all the more treacherous (for my bank balance) with every new season!
So naturally I chose a Woolworths ensemble when venturing out to the chilly countryside on a gorgeous Winter afternoon for our Blog Addict  event a few weeks back! Opting for  comfortable gear (and we all know how I love comfort) in order to navigate the farmland terrain with ease. Fellow blogger  Amina Ebrahim  was kind enough to take these pics of me wearing…well… Woolies everything!
Thanks for reading today!

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