Wedding Season Style Inspiration #3

Alas, we have made it to the Summer holidays! The season to be jolly, brave crazy traffic whenever we venture out, avoid malls while everyone shops for Christmas…and it’s also the official start to wedding season! I have a full week of wedding festivities ahead next week, and now that we’ve finally made it through the school year, I need to scramble to get my wardrobe in order!
By now it should be obvious that my outfit of choice would be something Eastern. Vibrant colours and intricate detailing that is very often done by hand means that no 2 outfits are exactly the same, and also makes choosing the right outfit extremely hard to do. Over the years, designers have taken traditional eastern attire and given it an updated, modern twist.  Though Eastern wear is most well known for their unique embroidery and hand beading; the clever addition of lace and other western influences enhances the visual appeal.
Though the sari could be the most iconic item of clothing hailing from the East, another one of my favourites is the Lehenga. Traditionally the outfit of choice for brides; the Lehenga comprises of a full, flowing skirt with a contrasting top, and a matching wide, long Dupatta (scarf). Proper scarf pinning is imperative when successfully pulling this look off, along with the proper accessories which is always a key element when wearing these exquisite garments.
About this look: Moon’s Lehenga shows us the perfect balance of old and new with a very modern take on an Indian classic. The skirt is made up of a layer of rich, gold lace which shows beautifully through the top layer of cerise netting. The hem of the skirt and the matching cerise scarf’s border is covered in a combination beautiful intricate Indian embroidery and beadwork. The top is made in a contrasting colour and fabric, which is enhanced further by a richly embroidered neckline and sleeve in red. Mehndi patterns on the hands and classic Indian jewels; necklace, earrings and bangles completes this very modernised Indian look.

Though this piece lacks the heavy beadwork and embroidery that typical bridal pieces possess; it is one of those unique Lehenga suits that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Wearing her hair down with more subtle jewels and make-up, Moon shows that you can look fab without being over the top. However, the same outfit with different accessories and hair can easily be worn as a bridal outfit for a Bari, Engagement or Mehndi evening, making it an easy choice to purchase as you can wear it in many different ways.

Lehenga : India
Mehndi : Ayesha
Bangles : Various markets in India
Necklace and earrings : own
Photographs : 2Cherries Photography
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