Grey Garnet Bloggers Brunch

I admit, I was a bit two-minded about attending this event! It meant that I would have to sacrifice my pyjama day for a pair of heels and the last thing I want to do on a Saturday morning is rush or get dressed…least of all ‘dressed up’. And the cold had me feeling a little lazy too. Add to that the pressure of WHAT to wear and the guilt of leaving the kids behind on Saturday… especially with exam season on the doorstep…and you had one confused mommy blogger on the loose!! 
I don’t frequent events and it is something I’m perfectly okay with. I much prefer hiding behind the computer screen in my gym tracksuit or pyjamas!  But the prospect of meeting and mingling with some of my fellow bloggers (some familiar faces and plenty more new) made me muster up some courage to get dressed, and with my support structure in place to help out with the kids, I took the plunge outside my comfort zone (and a little out of my league too) and made my way to the event…

The brunch was hosted by Grey Garnet; a PR company based in Cape Town; at the Three Cities Bantry Bay Suite Hotel. Although the event focused around the ever expanding platform Fashion has to offer, for me, personally, it was interesting to hear how the face of marketing and advertising is transforming to the digital sphere. Bloggers are increasingly becoming key tools in marketing and brands are slowly starting to embrace the power bloggers have!!

It is quite exciting to be part of this evolving landscape of social and digital media. We seem to be the voice of the future…and although my little space explores a more personal undertone…what is certain is that we each have a voice, an image and a presence…and I want to be wise about how I use mine!!!

A room full of beauties…and soooo much younger than me!!

A few of the prizes to be given away in the draw. I won the Stila lip glaze

In the company of true fashionistas!
Lovely Rushda from Rube’s Closet and finally met Nadia from My Hartjie!
Whipp’d Cream showcased their new range of clothing…

Hand massage stations were quite a treat!

The sweet Rashieda from Rashiedauncut!

It was quite nice hearing how Rubybox was born and the rate at which it has expanded! What a success story!

A few key speakers on the agenda..
 And then it was time to eat!!!
An array of sweet and savoury treats

And time to mingle, network and do what bloggers do best…take pics!

With the lovely Raylene!

The goodie bag 🙂 (Image source: Grey Garnet)
A big thanks to the sponsors
Cotton On
Marie Claire
Violent Eyes
Oh So Heavenly
Tip Top
And Thanks Grey Garnet for having me!

Thanks for reading today.

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