Movie Review – Hangover 3

With the kids exams finally drawing to an end,
and the winter holidays in clear sight, I feel I can finally let out a sigh of
relief! I must admit that I take the kids exams a bit too seriously, and get
totally submerged into study mode. So this past Saturday, my husband whisked me
away from the books, for dinner and a movie.

My husband has a slight addiction to movies, and
I don’t think I’m much help in discouraging him as I join him in his endeavours
to watch every movie on circuit. We do have different taste in movies
though…where he likes action and fast cars; I like romantic comedies and
period dramas. We have an agreement to take turns choosing, but mostly land up
watching comedies; which is something we both enjoy. This week we watched
Hangover 3.

Hangover 1 is an all-time comedy classic! It was
always going to be difficult to capture the magic of the first movie in
a sequel, never mind a third instalment. Having already watched the first
two movies in the trilogy, we were both eager to watch the much anticipated
third instalment, and we weren’t disappointed. Bradley Cooper might have
Hollywood at his feet, but the real star of this movie is definitely Zach Galifianakis;
playing the 42 yr old Alan who refuses to grow up; and manages to
spark laughter just by his facial expressions. The “wolf pack”
reunite, and manage to get themselves in trouble yet again, as they get
hijacked by drug dealer Marshall en route to Arizona where Alan is expected to
undergo treatment. The movie sees Phil, Stu and Alan run after Mr Chow; who
provides plenty of laughs himself; in order to save their friend who is held
hostage. Hilarious Melissa McCarthy (Identity Thief) makes a brief
and noteworthy appearance in the movie too, as the trashy sales assistant
that steals Alan’s heart!

Sure enough there were some missing links in the
movie, and I’m sure there are sceptics that could tear the movie to pieces, but
we were out to have a good time and have a good laugh, and there were plenty of
moments that had us and the entire movie house in stitches. Although a
comedy at heart, there’s an underlying sentimental message about friendship
that lingers throughout the movie…even from the outrageous Mr Chow, who,
despite his crazy antics, only seeks the sincerity and value of a friend.

Laughter, they say, is the best medicine. I’m not
sure it’s an antidote for everything, but it sure cures a bad case of exam
anxiety and stress…well, the mom version anyway ;-).


singing at his fathers funeral…

                                                    Eye candy in the form of Bradley Cooper


                                              My favourite scene of the entire movie!!! Zach is so much fun to watch on screen

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