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I must admit, the blogosphere is tough territory to navigate. It takes some time to find your feet and it’s quite a daunting task trying to figure out exactly where you fit into the dynamics of it all. I think it’s important not to take things too seriously, to take things in one’s stride and remember to stay true to ones self. Kindness and humility never hurt anyone…and those are rules that are worth keeping up in the blogging world too. In some regards, rivalry is rife, but I prefer to focus on spreading the love and in the blogging world, the easiest way to show love and appreciation to each other, is with fun little Tags and nominations!
I was nominated by the lovely Amina from A Girl With A Camera for this tag a while back already, but a busy writing schedule has delayed my response to it (Sorry Amina).  Because I have done this already before, I’ve chosen to skip the nomination process and just answer the questions.
1. What was the best memory you have from childhood?
It’s difficult to choose just one memory because my parents put in a lot of effort to make our childhood special. My sisters would argue that my memory is not the most reliable either LOL! I suppose School Summer holidays were always happy times and I think the most adventurous by far would be when my parents went to India and my brother decided to get us a puppy and a kitten! It was also during that same Summer holiday that I fell in love with reading…all thanks to J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

Loving my jumpsuit!!

This pool was everything back in the day!
2. What time in History would you wish to go back to?
I would’ve really liked to witness a period in time of one of our Prophets. To experience whole hearted submission would be fantastic!
3. What was the best birthday gift you ever received?
Before getting married, my husband was very punctual with gifts and flowers and he always made it special. Then came the kids, one after the other and our priorities shifted….which made my best birthday gift a real stand out and memorable one. It was for my 29th birthday. He planned a trip to Mauritius without me having a scent of anything!!!  When he told me ‘we need to talk’ I was certain it was going to be about my messy car again, but instead it was this fabulous surprise. He was only going to reveal the tickets 2 days before the trip, but his sister convinced him to give me a weeks notice….you know…for shopping!! Needless to say it was amazing and absolutely the most memorable gift by far!



4. What was your greatest achievement in life?
I feel like life is just beginning. Like the greatest things are still to come. For now it would be finding peace. Finding stillness. Finding myself and learning to tap in to the inner calm. That’s where the truly inspiring lessons in life reveals itself.
5. What has made you smile recently?
My kids. On a daily basis they make me both mad and extremely happy!


6. Are you allergic to anything?
Not to my knowledge…
7. Do you have fears?
YES! Heights and cockroaches!
8. What do you consider the best thing about having a blog?
Getting to write, creating friendships and inspiring people with my words.
9. Which restaurant do you find yourself always going to?
For the longest time our date nights and outings entailed eating at Nando’s or Steers (I kid you not). It was romantic in the oddest kind of way! Our more recent favourite  and frequented is Salero at the Waterfront.
10. Who do you admire most in the blogosphere?
The blogosphere is really expanding at a rapid rate and it is hard keeping up with everyone. My favourites are the ones that have stayed true to themselves and remain humble.
11. Where in the world would you love to explore?
Every corner! Especially places with historic significance.
Thanks Amina for the nomination!
And thanks to everyone for taking the time to read!

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