Transitional Look Post to take you from Spring to Summer

New season, new wardrobe? With the current weather patterns we’ve been having, it certainly doesn’t need to be that way it seems! We should be well on our way into the new season by now, but still, the weather patterns seem unpredictable and erratic to say the least! It’s not unusual for Cape Town to have multiple weather conditions in one day; but with the temperatures still fluctuating and not nearly resembling Summer, it made me wonder whether it’s safe enough to  unpack my Summer sandals just yet! Is it??

It’s certainly kept me off from doing my seasonal wardrobe clean out, as I’ve still been dipping into the Autumn and Winter end of things some days, while scouring through the cupboard for Summer staples the next! Thankfully I’m not making any wardrobe decisions early in the morning when there’s often still a chill factor to consider; which gives me more room for flexibility when getting dressed for the day.
Anyway, I’ve been battling a bit with shopping for the upcoming season. While the stores are full, they are full of things that I don’t think I want to wear. So it’s left me reliant on previous season’s staples. And while none of the items in this outfit are brand new, it is proof that you can pull you through several seasons with good, quality classics. And who can argue that maxi dresses saves us every single Summer! Paired here with another wardrobe essential, a denim jacket for that unpredictable gust of wind, a side braid for a Boho effect, and this years must have shoe, the espadrille – this old outfit is definitely pulling me through another season 🙂








Dress : Truworths
Denim Jacket : Woolworths
Espadrille : Woolworths
Photographs : 2Cherries Photography
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