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I love fashion, and I love watching the waves of fashion trends that come and go. I’ve survived the fashion faux pas of the 80’s and arrived on the other side of the millennium kinda unscathed…but I would not classify myself as a raging fashionista in any way.

I have a very relaxed approach to fashion. In fact, on most mornings, you will find me doing errands in my trusty old gym pants and sneakers either on my way to or from a workout; and, as a mom on the go, comfort reigns supreme. You will most likely see me going about the rest of my day in a comfortable ensemble and more often opting for stylish flats and sneakers instead of heels.

So, as we approach a new season, with the sun already starting to shine it’s fake rays over the weekend, and winter not leaving us for good just yet; all major stores have already started tantalising us with their Spring/Summer collections. From Monochrome to the Geisha print, Pastel colours to bright Neon, soft Georgette’s and whimsical lace; there are many new trends to navigate…but one particular trend has caught my eye…and I’m not sure it’s for the right reasons…The Pyjama Pants!!

Now, I love pyjama days as much as the next girl…lounging about at home on a lazy day; but I’m not so sure going outdoors sporting anything pyjama looking is socially acceptable. Which has led me to investigate a bit further…

Sporting a comfortable, stretchy waistband and soft, silky textured fabric; it is definitely a classier version of the pyjama, and it seems to have been designed with hot, sticky, summer days in mind. I delved a bit deeper, and sought the help of my good friend, Google, as to how Hollywood fashionista’s  are sporting the trend. This is what I came up with…

Heels are a great way to perk up this casual trend….


Printed pants…plain top!

Add a structured blazer or cardigan, and a pop of colour for an overall chic look…

 Can be worn with flats. Great news for moms on the go!
A more muted take, in a solid colour with great accessories!
I’m not a 100% sold just yet, but whether you embrace this trend or not, the pyjama pants is here to stay….at least for a season or two 😉

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