Happy 2nd Birthday Aryana

I thought your first year flew by quickly, but the second sped by even faster. It seems like just the other day we were overcrowding the hospital waiting room, eagerly anticipating your arrival, and now you’re already 2. And what a lot of growing up you’ve done in this past year!

A year ago, you could barely walk or talk; and now you string together so many words and sentences that it’s sometimes hard to believe that you’ve only just turned 2. I’m constantly amazed at how intelligent you are; and how quickly you master doing things just by observing a couple of times. From one day to the next, I’m always surprised when I discover that there’s something new that you can do. You know all your colours, love singing and role  playing,  and are obsessed with dolls…which I’m convinced you’ve inherited from me 😉

I’m truly amazed at how quickly you pick up a catchy beat and memorize song lyrics (definitely got this from your mom) – a real  superstar in the making! You’re strong willed and know what you want…even domineer Zaydaan who’s a good 6 years older than you.  You’re always happy and content…except, maybe, when we pull up my driveway – then all hell breaks loose! You’re a little firecracker of a personality and it’s impossible not to love you <3

But my favourite thing is that I get to be a part of your life. That I get to fetch you from school and how you always direct me towards cuddles and watching dvd’s on Naani’s bed. I love how excited you get when you see your cousins and how you love all of them differently and uniquely. That you know all their names and no longer call all of us Appa – how, even though you’ve arrived right last (so far), you have crept into everyone’s heart. And perhaps the crowning cherry on top is that you finally call me Jaan…well Jaani Appa, but I’ll take it!

My dear little Ary, you came at a time when I thought I was done with car seats and nappies; but you have reopened my heart…and the hearts of everyone else in the family. You have a special place in all our lives, and we are absolutely thrilled that we get to watch you grow.


Happy 2nd Birthday Aryana!
Love Always,


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