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I always love hearing from readers! As much as this blog is my space where I come to express myself; it is also a space that you come and visit too…and I really do want to make it a space that you love to frequent, so any indication of what you enjoy reading…or ideas and suggestions for posts are always welcomed 🙂 It’s been brought to my attention that I haven’t done any fashion (Which I admit, I do not write regularly about) or recipe posts in quite a while, so I decided to give my serious side a bit of a break and explore a different side of me today!!
When it comes to fashion and wardrobe, Winter is quite honestly my favourite season to dress up! Layers and coats (to hide under) and pants that stretch make it THE most comfortable season of them all!! I hardly ever feel fat and  my trousers always seem to fit (well… most days). Even modesty seems easier to attain than it is in the unbearable Summer heat.
When it comes to trends, I find that good quality winter staples last quite well from season to season, allowing one to play around with key seasonal trends and also build on a wardrobe that can survive the passing trends. When it comes to my personal style, I don’t necessarily head out and buy every single “season must have”. I like to purchase things that, most importantly, suits my body; incorporate a few trends in a subtle way; and also choose things that fits my lifestyle. Over the years, I have made many impulsive purchases that I never got wear out of because it simply did not suit my day to day. Ultimately, for me, comfort reigns supreme!!
Fashion is definitely an expression and extension of our personality and because I don’t need a working wardrobe, I do tend to lean towards comfort and practical…with glam and girly days when I’m in the mood. As the seasons change I tend to look to magazines, fashion websites and celebs for style inspiration and I’ve compiled a few of my favourites that can give you a peek into what best depicts my personal style.
Jessica Alba is definitely my style icon! Effortlessly chic at it’s best.
Skinny jeans or leggings in varying styles and colours, loose tops and printed scarves are my winter wardrobe staples!
Image source :
Lately I’ve been trying to perfect Olivia Palermo’s loose waves…I’ve even dared to post a picture or 2 on Instagram.
But I must admit, my hair most often looks like this!
Image source:
Adding a splash of colour in the form of a coat, scarf or bag can brighten up the dreariest of days…
Imagine my excitement when I discovered I have a replica of this coat 🙂
Image source:
Sometimes I get in a girly mood…in which case a shift dress or swing dress like Gwen Stefani’s is more my kinda style.
Image source:

Good investment pieces never goes out of fashion…like this classic trench. Still wearing the one Mom bought me several years ago.

A sprinkle of leopard print always cheers me up! I wear them mostly on hats, scarves and pumps, but these boots are ultra cute!
Lately I’ve been loving the winter maxi and leather jacket combo. Very ladylike and feminine.
Love it!!
 And sometimes I put in a bit of effort and venture out of my comfort zone…leather leggings, flowy blouse, blazer and heels for date night!
Not really a fashionista’s guide to Winter…but thanks for reading anyway!


*I do not take credit for any of the pics in this post today…

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