Happily Ever After

Life is one giant jigsaw puzzle and the way it reveals itself is both wonderful and mysterious! Each piece fragmented through life’s experiences and challenges, until eventually, the tedious job of fractioning pieces together makes way for a clearer view, a partial picture of the journey we have been undertaking for so long!

Last year you embarked on one of the biggest adventures of your life! Though your destinies have always been tied together; Fate had waited for the right moment to unite the two of you, so that the next chapter in your lives, you may navigate together.
This is the happiest I have ever seen you! Without a doubt, this has been your highest point!! There is a newfound magic and chemistry…dancing eyes and smiling heart that had been silenced for so long. Through each other you have managed to rekindle the embers of Hope and reignited the flame of Love that is present in us all; and in each other, you have found the missing piece which compliments, unites and completes each other soul.
It is great to see that the past year has only increased your love and strengthened your bond. It has been great to see you flourish and grow. You have found a partner who brings out the best in you and I hope that the bond of love between the two of you continues to grow and strengthen with each passing year.  
And as you forge forward through your lives together; as the years pass by and the memories multiply;  always remember that the success of a marriage depends on what you plough into it. Compassion, understanding, patience, laughter and a certain amount of sacrifice are the key ingredients to forming a lasting and thriving bond. The perfect partner is not one devoid of mistakes, but rather one that helps us conquer our own and picks us up when we have failed…The journey ahead will be marked with both trials and triumphs. Approach each stumbling block looking for a solution, searching for the lesson and thankful for the blessing it brings!
Happy Anniversary guys!
Here’s to new beginnings and happily ever after!

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