Curtain Call

Moments like these are always bittersweet… As the curtain fell on Zaydaan’s final pre-school concert, it also marked the end of an era for me.  A gentle reminder that our slow and steady waltz with Time continues. That the rat race we chase each day is insignificant. That each moment needs to be embraced and savoured as best we can.
It makes me wonder a lot if I’ve done enough, captured enough, savoured enough of the moments while the kids were little. Have I breathed in enough of their sweet innocence, lingered long enough in their scent, embraced enough of their presence.  Have my hands lay entwined in their small and tiny clasp enough times before their fingers outgrow my own. Have my ears heard enough of the big dreams coming from their small and innocent minds. Have my arms done enough embracing, holding, cuddling. Have I simply done enough, been enough of a Mother.
I guess the sentiment might run a little deep because this moment also signifies big change on the horizon!  In just a few short months, the last of my brood will make the transition from pre-school, to Primary school. It brings to an end the cycle of babies and toddlers and pre-schoolers…the diapers and teething and little people concerts…the innocence of children when they are little; and the beginning of a brand new cycle and wanderings into a new sphere of motherhood.  How quickly time has lapsed…What once seemed like the far and distant future, has now become my immediate reality.

It made me extra sentimental during Zee’s final Pre-school performance. Naturally hanging onto every moment, trying to capture everything, embedding it into my memory bank. Holding on desperately  to these final remnants before little Zee joins his siblings and becomes a big boy 🙂

As the curtain falls on this chapter and I adjust my sails to tackle my new course, I look upon my horizon and wonder where it will take me… what will my tomorrow’s look like…what does the future have in store for me. I guess there is nothing more I can do than allow the wind to direct my sails. Though the journey ahead is unknown, I trust that shores I am destined to reach will have much adventure in store for me…

Sibling love <3

Mom and Zee

Karate kid!

Happy to be with his friends

Centre Stage
Of course most family members were there to support!

Naani <3

Naturally, the Fireflies were out in full force to support an cheer Zee on in his final curtain call, as they will surely also be for the many milestones still to come 😉
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