Eid-Ul-Adhaa 2015

For as long as I can remember, taking pictures on Eid day has always been a family tradition! From being all lined up in the garden, or piled on a sofa, or squeezed together on the edge of the bed…thanks to my mom, we have a picture for every Eid day growing up. From little kids, to when my brother outgrew my dad, to when the Fig tree outgrew us all…we have those memories preserved.
Though our family continues to grow, time has made it easier to capture these moments and memories; sharing and preserving them. Connecting and communicating with our family and friends. Especially on big days like these. And as we look back on them years from now, fascinated at how the kids grew from one year to the next, how age had slowly overtaken ourselves and our parents, embracing and welcoming new additions, remembering fondly those who have departed from one year to the next,  I suppose the rest becomes insignificant.
Nobody will remember the stress and the scramble the hours leading up to the day. Or the last minute dash because, somehow, your kids have gone through a growth spurt and don’t have anything decent that fits. Or that long before the picture perfect photo was taken, their hair was overgrown and untidy. Nor will they remember the chaos in the kitchen because you ran out of baking powder….Or that you couldn’t find you last pair of contact lenses the morning of Eid. Or that, while running around chaotically to ensure that the kids were all sorted, you didn’t manage to squeeze in an hour of “ME TIME” to colour your (steadily increasing amount of) grey hair. And that until the evening before, you had no idea what you were going to wear, or if it even fits, because….WEIGHT GAIN!!  (All these things did, in actual fact, happen this Eid)   
None of these things will matter then. Hopefully, the only memory that lingers will  be as they are pictured here. With everyone happy, smiling and united as a family!







Belated Eid Mubarak!


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