My Skin Journey With the Biodermal Aesthetic Clinic

A couple of months ago I attended the opening of the Biodermal Aesthetics clinic and I received some treatment thereafter to see first hand how the technology works. This is my skin journey…

The first step to healthy, glowing skin, is understanding how it works! Often the most overlooked, albeit the largest organ of the human body, our skin goes un-nurtured because we have no clue as to how it functions. My sessions with Nadhiya from the Biodermal Aesthetics Clinic have been enlightening to say the least.

I was never one to skimp on my facial products, after all, looking after our skin is a worthy investment. But lathering on creams can be a pointless process if it is not backed up with a proper routine and regime. I also had a few concerns and problem areas I wanted targeted during treatment – Pesky pigmentation and the onset of fine lines!

 Nadhiya is very thorough with her assessment of the skin, explaining the process well as we go along. Starting off with checking the all important moisture levels, she mapped out a treatment plan tailor made for me. Despite diligently applying face creams, my first session showed very low moisture levels, the result of which was the appearance of fine lines!

 I really get the feeling that with the Bio Therapeutic brand the aim is to achieve and then maintain adequate moisture levels in the skin in order for it to thrive! Stripping away the dead skin cells with exfoliation is such a vital step in skin care and I really feel like the technology assists in achieving the best possible results. It helps provide an adequate canvas for the next few steps in the treatments, which aims at maximising moisture levels in the skin. With Nadhiya explaining the process to me, I could really appreciate how technology is used to achieve maximum results!

Although not an instant cure for pigmentation, I do feel that the treatment lives up to it’s promise of a more youthful appearance. With adequate hydration levels, all fine lines are gone! Proof that technology really can enhance one’s treatment and make a tremendous difference!

Technology assisted skin care

The non surgical Face Lift is definitely worth checking out. The before and after pics I’ve seen have been phenomenal!

BT microabrasion is a unique technology of wet/dry layered microdermabrasion with a variety of abrasion selections and aquafuse products.

The BT Bio-Synthesis LED lights  uses different coloured lights to treat a host of skin qualms including pigmentation!

Product line is also available. The magic is in the BT cocktails 😉
Treatments and price list available at the Biodermal Aesthetics Clinic.
At the Biodermal Aesthetics Clinic, it’s not just about skin. The entire visit is about overall relaxation and rejuvenation




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