Out and About in Cape Town

I had all good intentions of being productive over the long weekend that has passed. Bake some treats for the family…. Get up early to squeeze in a gym session so that I don’t fall too far behind (and to counter any of the afore mentioned baked goods I might consume)… Soak up the last of our good weather and do outdoorsy things with the family. A walk on the promenade, maybe take the little one to the park or join Moon and Deed on a hike. Somewhere floating in my head I imagined a  Spa day with hubby would be great too. It was also going to be the week we finally got back on our bicycles, plus there were those tickets I won to the Women’s Lifestyle Expo…Oh, and squeeze in hubby’s favourite pastime with a trip to the movies!!

Now that I see that long list, it was a little over ambitious of me. And in hindsight, I quite forgive myself for hitting the snooze button on my alarm and allowing myself to sleep a little bit later than usual. Nobody seemed to have missed the baking either!! My body on the other hand could’ve done with some physical activity. Lounging around and over indulging (thanks to the endless array of  temptation from woolies) was hardly smart and I am paying the ‘hefty’ price by having to drag out my ‘fat’ jeans as penance for my sins.
The long weekend is nothing but a distant memory now and though I had so much planned I have not much to show for it besides a few extra kilos (we did, however, manage to watch that movie!). Through all this planning and unplanning…and doing and not doing…I realised that sometimes it’s not always  the ‘things’ we do with other’s that count, but rather the time we spend in the company of those we love most that can have the most meaning. We’re together, we are happy, we are healthy and we are very grateful to be abundantly blessed.
Nevertheless…it does seem as though my pleas were heard. That God was in my favour after all!! With my niece visiting from the UK, I managed to squeeze in some sight seeing when we took her for a tour around our beautiful city! With having family scattered all over the globe, it is always nice to have them visit South African soil. It gives us a chance to strengthen our bond, build memories and get to know each other a little better too…and of course, gives us an opportunity to be a tourist in our own city 🙂
Here’s  a few pics of our little day trip around the Peninsula…
Forget the Red City Tour bus…Boewa’s private tour bus is way better 😉

And even comes with a tour guide!
View from Signal Hill

                      Table Mountain covered in clouds..
Our pretty tourist 🙂

With Naani and Naana

Tour buses don’t stop off at school! Zee joined us for the day…
(Table Mountain backdrop)

Cape Town Stadium to the right…
12 Apostles Hotel…the perfect retreat.

Selfie…or it didn’t happen!

I was going for ‘messy hair…don’t care’, but my sister says it was more ‘Meise kyk hoe lyk jou hare!!’

The beach is way better than school, Mom.
 Pit stop for lunch at the Taj Mahal in Hout Bay.
Ending the journey with a scenic drive around Chapmans Peak!
And then it was back to reality! Mom duty, personal chef, tutor…the works!!!
Thanks for reading,
Namu 🙂

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