Beautiful Beginnings

In our lives, we will always encounter new beginnings. Our entire childhoods are marked with wonderful life experiences, with new discoveries at every turn and corner. We are constantly entering unchartered territory; from primary school to high school, then the wide open field of University, beginning a career…marriage…motherhood.
There is something purely magical about beginnings…about facing life fearlessly and forging forward excitedly, about embracing change willingly and effortlessly. There is something purely euphoric in this journey of constant change and perhaps the most beautiful, rewarding and life altering; albeit the hardest; is the beginning of a journey as a parent.
I love beginnings…and I love being part and sharing the joy of someone else’s beautiful journey. From weddings to having babies, I absolutely LOVE celebrating the magic that is a new beginning in life!
I was recently invited to a Baby Shower; to join in the celebration of a friend preparing for her first baby; and it was the prettiest shower I have ever attended! Lot’s has changed since I have had kids, and perhaps the biggest change is in the way we celebrate. From décor and detailing, to the radiant mom to be…everything seems to be so much more fabulous!! But not enough for me to go down that road again 😉 HaHaHa

 The Expectant Parents…


How gorgeous are these cupcakes!? 
Love this dispenser!! And the berry drink was sublime too!

 Cool presentation don’t you think!
 Guess who’s finally out of study hibernation…

Stunning cake made by the mom to be herself!
Even the cake layers were ombre!

Cake Pops. Love the bow detail

More of the Décor

Moon was the games co-ordinator


Stunning centre piece

Watermelon, Feta and mint fruit sticks

I found the elephant theme to be very cute and original

Everything was labelled…lovely detailing 

 Had to squeeze in some sister shots 😉


Some of the cute games that was organised.

 Even the water bottles were labelled!

 Each guest walked away with a thank you gift
Samhita did all the planning of the event herself! Brave lady!!  
Samhita is a freelance designer and owner of Samhita Event Planning and Design. For any info on events and services, you can check out her website
Hope you enjoyed today’s post.

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