WFOT Congress 2018 – Top 5 Beaches in Cape Town

We’ve had a slow start to Summer this year, and even though the temperatures are far departure from the cold Winter chill, we’ve had very few real “beach days” on offer so far. It makes me feel like the best days are still to come, and that, much like in 2017, they will extend far beyond the conventional Summer months and flow over into the months of Autumn…and if you’re lucky, also coincide with your stay here for the WFOT Congress!

For me, trips to the ocean are not only reserved for the Summer months anyway. There’s something soothing…calming…and almost cathartic about the rhythmic music of the waves crashing against the shore, that has me going back all year long – if not to dip my toes into the water; then certainly to catch a sunset or immerse myself in it’s calming energy – and for that reason, even though the WFOT doesn’t coincide with Summer, I’m including this list of the best beaches to visit anyway…because when in Cape Town, no matter the season, you simply have to stop by a few of our iconic shorelines!

CLIFTON:  Definitely the crème de la crème of what Cape town has to offer – the four Clifton beaches are ranked up there amongst the most beautiful beaches in the world! This strip of beaches is probably the most popular amongst tourists, and for good reason. The scenic drive along this famous beach strip alone is enough to take your breath away; while the white sands and blue waters provide the perfect backdrop for countless travel pictures that will make everyone back home wish they were there with you!

CAMPS BAY:  Just a short distance away from the famous Clifton stretch, is the palm fringed and bustling shoreline of Camps Bay! It’s idyllic location, breathtaking backdrop and easy access to a host of restaurants and eateries just across the road; makes it another popular destination for travellers…an also ME! I love visiting this place all year round!

 LLANDUDNO:  About a 15 minute drive away from Camps Bay – and also midway between the bustling Camps Bay strip and Hout Bay harbour; nestled at the base of some of the most beautiful seaside homes, you will find the more private secluded strip of paradise on the shore of  Llandudno beach. Limited parking facilities means that this beach is hardly ever packed to capacity, and the crashing waves makes this a popular spot for surfers.

BLOUBERG:  This is a bit of a drive from the city centre, but the sweeping shoreline and amazing view of Table Mountain in the distance will make the trek worthwhile. It is also one of the best beaches when it comes to activities. It’s one of the world’s most popular kite surfing destinations – while also ideal for surfing, wind surfing and other outdoor sports.

BOULDERS:  Getting it’s name from the giant granite boulders that shelter the beach, Boulder’s beach can be found along the quirky Kalk Bay/ Simons town stretch towards Cape Point. It is one of the only places in the world that you can get up close to the African penguin. Penguin viewing is made easy by boardwalks that lead visitors across the beaches as well as to the information centre
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When you’re living along a coastline, there’s no shortage of beautiful beach destinations to visit…but if you’re a tourist (or, living in Cape Town and want to feel like a tourist) then these are the beaches you simply have to visit!

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