Travel Diary – Exploring Dubai

Dubai is undoubtedly a shoppers paradise, and if you’re not careful, you could very well get caught up in it’s vice! With its numerous luxury malls, and Souks galore; one can very easily fill a suitcase with things that every Indian Muslim woman can’t do without! But we decided early on that this time round we were not going to spend our money on “things”, but rather on moments that were going to create lasting memories for the kids…And for the first two days that’s exactly what we did!

After our thrilling Desert Safari of the previous evening, and with a plane to catch by midnight; we used the third day to take to the city and explore! Upon the recommendation of a friend who previously lived in the city, we ventured out to capitalise on some bargains and had our last fix of Starbucks before heading to the airport to catch our flight.  
When planning this holiday, 3 days in Dubai really seemed a like a little time and we envisioned our time there to be rushed. In my mind I imagined it being rather stressful trying to cram everything  into those days, but it proved to be quite a contrary experience! Those few days really felt like a week, and it was the perfect amount of time to shake off the shackles of reality, relax, and prepare ourselves for the next leg of the journey! Next stop, THAILAND!






Updating Instagram before losing our WIFI signal! LOL 
ABOUT THIS VIDEO : So it’s been a good while since we’re back in the land of the living, and I was worried that our memories would fade quickly – especially for the kids! Making these video clips has been quite time consuming, but it’s been rewarding seeing the family’s reaction to them when they’re done. This one in particular, though short, had the kids bringing up all kinds of memories of the trip…and it even had my son say that though I was very annoying while taking the videos, he is really enjoying the end product <3
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