For all the stories I never get to Write…This one is for You, Nash

I know your birthday has passed…but the feeling in my heart hasn’t. That’s why I’m taking some time out to release all these thoughts and feelings that I don’t often enough have a chance to speak. I’ve never written a birthday story for you, not because I don’t love you…only because I’ve always been so deeply engrossed in my day to day, and before I know it, the day has passed; and it seems to have done the same this year too!

But I don’t want time to rob me of the things I want to say. I don’t want to wait till next year or the year after that. I don’t want to wait a lifetime for the perfect moment, only to miss out on the millions of semi-perfect moments in between. And so this message may be late, but it’s been lingering in my heart for a very long time…

It’s wonderful the bond that gets created when you are part of the very beginning… First breathes and first movements. How the heart beats when you are part of someone’s every day! It’s rare to be a part of so many children’s journey’s, to have each one of them capture your heart in a different way. And today I want to celebrate OUR bond. Today I want to celebrate you.

I want to celebrate your loving nature and your silly sense of humour. I want to celebrate soft heart and strong will. I want to celebrate your firmness in your beliefs…that nothing can waver you when you believe something is right. Your strong sense of justice and your equally strong sense of mischief! But mostly your strong embrace…your unashamed hugs for your miniature aunty in the middle of the school parking lot! You are free with your love and that is one of the many, many reasons that I love you (that, and your honesty when you tell me I need to schedule a hair colour at the salon ! )

We have always had a strong bond. The special kind of love that Aunties and nephews share. From scolding you as a mischievous little toddler, to laughing our way into your teens; I have always been present through it all. But this past year has made our bond even stronger! And I want you to know that whatever else may come your way, as an Aunt, I will always be a part of that too. Together, we will make many more memories, and though I don’t always get to write about it, my dear child… for all the stories I never got to write,  today I want to celebrate you!

Birthday memories with the cousins at RUSH <3

Handsome Nash…front and centre <3
Rather late than never…
Happy Birthday Nash!
Love Always,


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