For the love of Cupcakes!

All who know me knows that I have a passion for the kitchen. Since my youth, you’d always find me milling about in the kitchen, scouting for new recipe books and trying out new recipes. Of all my sisters, I’m probably the only one that cooks and bakes for the love of it and not out of necessity…

It’s probably, then, a big pity that I have not been doing enough of it, or that my time in the kitchen has been reduced to rushed menu’s…I’ve somewhat thrown in the towel on something that is a very big part of me, something that I find rather therapeutic. It’s a sad fact, that the last time I’ve made pastries was 12years ago!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about rekindling that passion and re-awakening a part of me that’s been slowly dying. The kitchen, you see, has become a symbol synonymous with torture. The reasons for that are rather complicated…but I’ve figured, just as I have picked up my pen and started writing, I might as well put on my apron and start baking.  After all, I would hate to disappoint those who know me, and know I love to bake!

“Until I discovered cooking, I was never really interested in anything.”  Julia Child.

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