12 Things I Love About You


Nothing highlights the quick passing of time and feels more bittersweet for a mother, than her childrens birthday, and especially so for her last born. When the older kids were small, the stages of growth feels hurried and rushed. You wait in eager anticipation for what comes next and you forget to savour the moments that are so fleeting.  But when your last born is growing up, there’s a different kind of appreciation that comes from already knowing what is comin. You tend to dwell on the moments a little longer, appreciate the small things so much more – The sweet breath of the newborn, the cuddles with your toddler, the million questions of a 5 year old, the warmth of a little body next to you at night, the long hugs and kisses before going to school. All the things you took for granted when your older kids are growing up is so much more precious with your last born. So you hug a little deeper and love a little harder.

And as much as I savoured all the stages and phases of your growth, I still can’t believe you’re inching closer to being taller than be, and I can’t believe you are 12. Over the last year I think you have grown up the most. And although I was slightly prepared for it, I still feelso unprepared. Though the hugs are scarce, and the bickering has multiplied, there’s so much I enjoy about being your mom, so much I appreciate, and so much still left to learn. I love you my handsome, and to celebrate you turning twelve, I’ve highlighted 12 things I love about you 🙂

  1. I love that you are equal parts me and your dad. That you have the exact quirks of your father, and equally in tune with your feelings like me 🥰
  2. I love how your confidence has blossomed over the years. I used to be afraid that the world would swallow you whole, but I love that these days you stand tall, take up space, and make yourself heard. 
  3. I love that you ask questions – most often ones that I have never even thought of and don’t have answers to, but I’m glad that you’re still asking them and finding out the answers for yourself.
  4. I love your enquiring mind and thirst for knowledge. You have such a different way of observing the world and it’s such a treat to watch you navigate your way through it. 
  5. I love that you’re hard working and independent. I’m still always trying to but in and help you out, but you prove over and over again that you are capeable of figuring things out for yourself. 
  6. I love our car drives to and from school and that for the next six years it will just be you and me 
  7. Love how you appreciate flavours and food. That your nose will always follow the smell of my cooking and that we share a favourite meal
  8. I love that, even though you’re the youngest, you no longer feel like the smallest. You hold your own with your thoughts and ideas and opinions and in conversations,and provide the perfect balance to the sibling dynamics and to our family
  9. I love your sense of humour. Your witty one liners and subtle tweenage sarcasm.
  10. I love your laugh. And also your screams when you’re playing games and you think nobody can hear you.
  11. I love your ability to express yourself. You’re a feelings and emotions kind of guy and you’ve done a great job of owning them and expressing how you feel without hanging onto it for too long. 
  12. But most of all I love that no matter what kind of day we’ve had, you still climb into my bed at the end of the day and that you still hug me just before you go to sleep.


If it wasn’t already obvious, I love you with my heart and soul <3






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