Battle of the Bulge – Getting back on the Wagon

It’s been a while hasn’t it – and still the battle of the bulge rages on! When I last updated this segment, I was embracing my mom bod for the Summer of 2016. I had worked hard that year, and even though I hadn’t quite reached my goal weight; I was happy to be fit and healthy, and satisfied to have made progress – however slow and small.

Then 2017 rolled in and I continued with my hard  work and was determined as ever to look as close to decent as possible for my trip to Thailand, and all was looking good. I was by no means skinny or thin (by society’s standard anyway), but I was super fit and strong and felt like I was in a good place – the best I’d been in a while.

But then the fast (Ramadan) came along, and with that came the post Ramadan binge. And within a week of the June holidays, the batteries of my scale conked in, and soon after my fitbit broke – and somewhere along the way, my willpower and determination caved in as well.

It started out slow…and odd treat here and there – And when I got away with that, the treats became larger and more frequent, and the next thing I knew, I was starting to slip back into old, bad habits. It didn’t help that my training also became a little inconsistent.

The weight crept up like it usually does. It was conniving, manipulative and slow. Hiding in the non nutritive calories of all the junk I was steadily starting to consume. I was living in some kind of  fools paradise thinking that after all this time on the straight and narrow, I had things under control and nothing could derail me. But within a month, my jeans were a little too snug and next thing I knew, I was forced to take out the fat jeans!

I was disappointed…in myself mostly.

I have managed to nip things in the bud since then- I’ve bought fresh batteries for my scale and am finding my way back into my regular exercise programme. I also did 3 weeks of the 28 day challenge with to get back into the rhythm of eating better again and it’s really been helpful –  but I won’t lie, it has also been a bit of a struggle to find my feet. It just feels like there’s been so many distractions getting in the way of proper progress.

Anyway, I feel like I’m finally on my way again. So this post is mainly for the purpose of taking accountability for the plateau in my motivation. It’s my way of writing away the blues, dusting off the cobwebs and getting back into the swing of things. Cos one things for sure about me…I might fall off the wagon every now and again, but I’m never one to stay laying on the ground! I’m getting up, dusting myself off, and climbing back into the saddle. And it’s not just about losing the weight…it’s more about being healthy,  getting strong and feeling great! And no, feeling great doesn’t have a particular size. There’s no one size fits all. I’m just not at a point that’s particularly comfortable for me and that’s what I’m working towards.



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  1. I feel you! ! I’ve completely transformed my eating habits much in line with the Cooked Inc challenge. It was hard work at first, but it helps to always have greens in the fridge, and I always keep cooked chicken fillet handy or frozen. That way I can easily put together a meal in a hurry. The. The occasional fall off the wagon doesn’t hit so hard!

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