Introducing Aryana

Name : Aryana
Language : Persian
Meaning : Full of Life

I thought I was done Loving…that my heart had reached capacity…that there was no more room. I thought that life had settled. That the tiny babies I cared for and nurtured, are all grown up…almost all of them past me. I thought that these arms have done all it’s embracing, cuddling, soothing. I thought that my energy had run dry from loving…that I had nothing more left to give – But I was WRONG!

I thought that I was done with babies…and all that it entailed. That I’d lost the built in instinct to love instantly and unconditionally. I thought I had my heart guarded against the power of a baby’s tiny embrace. But then I  held you in my arms, and the chambers of my heart instinctively opened. Your head against my heart, my arms wrapped around your tiny frame…I thought I was done Loving…but I am not!

I thought I’d packed away the rattles and the toy box. That the memories of those years are all I have. But I am ready to unpack all those packed away treasures (and skills) in order to entertain you! I thought that I was done loving, but I am ready to open the doors of my heart and Love you. I was ready when I heard your first cries…ready when I accidentally refer to myself as “Mommy”…ready before you were born.

Though I did not bring you into the world, my heart beats with a knowingness of the sacrifices your mother endured to bring you here. For this reason my love for you is different. When all the other kids were born, I was an excited Aunt waiting to spoil her nephews…Now I stand beside your Mother as she draws her protective shield over you, knowing full well the responsibility that comes with raising a child…and more especially, a daughter.

Aryana…you are born into a great big family, and though you are your Mother’s first, you are the newest and littlest Firefly of us all for now, and that means you will have to deal with a lot of love from all directions! There are many hands to hold you…and many hearts who hold you dear <3


Cousins (minus 3 living in the UK)…all waiting to shower you with love  <3

Three generations of Firefly girls 🙂

Love Always,

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