Back to Basics

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was slightly fearful of the 6 week break…and not for the reasons you may think. I started of this Summer vacation a size smaller than the last one and really, I didn’t want to have to take out that ‘Fat Jeans’ !!

Holidays are probably the toughest times to stick to a healthy exercise and eating programme…well for me it is anyway. Without my regular routine and schedule, it takes extra mental dexterity to stay committed and focused. My approach to this six week hiatus was to eat clean, exercise often and stay far away from temptation; and on the most part I’d say I succeeded!
But somewhere along the line, things went a little awry ( I know this because of the soggy lettuce and cucumber in the fridge drawer…and my too snug jeans). I got a little carried away, got lost in the moment (actually, about 10 days) and overindulged; and for a day or two, had to rely on my faithful ‘Fat Jeans’ to pull me through. Proof that there are no ‘off days ‘  allowed when trying to follow a healthy lifestyle. Constancy and Consistency are the key to success I guess.
The great thing about eating clean is that when you stray a little to far off course, your body sends you warning signals to stop in your tracks!! If 2014 has taught me anything, it is to listen to my body. And so getting back on track was a little easier than it was before.
I don’t really believe in shakes as meal replacements. It’s quite pricey to maintain and I feel that inevitably, we have to learn how to eat correctly anyway. I have, however, come to rely on the Future Life Protein Shakes as a pre and post workout snack and also in times when I have gone a little astray. They’re healthy, convenient and ideal for an on-the-go breakfast or an afternoon snack and quite affordable compared to similar products on the market.

Future Life can be quite grainy in texture on it’s own, so I blend mine using Almond Milk, a small banana, a tsp/tblsp of peanut butter, some ice and 3 Tblsp of Future Life High Protein (chocolate flavour).  This seems to work wonders at controlling my appetite and keeping those pesky sugar cravings at bay…Thus making healthier choices throughout the rest of the day a little bit easier.

For now, it’s back to school, back to reality and with more of a routine and structure in place, back to basics with my healthy eating.

 Bottoms up people!! Here’s to a healthy 2015 🙂


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