Eid Traditions

I think we are a living in a generation where a lot of the time, we tend to shy away from tradition. Moving forward is not necessarily a bad thing and there are plenty of rituals worth letting go of, but what if; in this process of letting go and moving on; we lose sight of some of the traditions that are worth hanging on to?
Eid days are always centred around family. Until now, our parents have always held the fort so to speak and I think we tend to take the older generation for granted sometimes, their comforting presence in our lives and the leadership roles that they take. Eid days are hectic, for sure, but for so long it’s been the elder’s in our homes that have kept tradition alive!

I’ve started to see how age is really starting to eat away at them, how they can’t do as much as they used to, sometimes foregoing their aches and pains for the sake of keeping the family unit together, especially on big days like these. And though it’s always a team effort in getting things done, this year has got me thinking about what will happen when they are gone…

We are reaching that point in life where very soon we will have to take over the reigns, be the leaders and pass on traditions to our own kids. The road ahead will always be riddled with little bumps and change is unavoidable I guess…but that strong sense of family that has been passed on to us; that our parents fought hard to preserve; that is something I will fight hard to instil in my own kids too…. because the tradition of Family, never goes out of fashion!

Eid was such a rush and I didn’t manage to take as many pictures as I usually do, but these will have to do for today 🙂

Off to mosque
This little guy actually called me to take photos of him!


Brother, Sister kind of love

Dinner at Naani is always a highlight!

Halfway across the world…my brother’s kids all dressed up for Eid
Missed our morning photo session, but Moon’s outfit was too pretty not to take a few pictures


I have no pictures of myself or my fabulous shoes…but I just recycled this dress.


Thanks for reading today!


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